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Gary Adamson

Adamson Advisory

Gary Adamson is the CEO of Adamson Advisory, a CPA practice management consulting firm. Bringing both his managing partner and consulting experience to the table.  Gary is one of the few CPA firm consultants with Managing Partner on his résumé. His experience goes deep with personal first-hand knowledge of the challenges you face in your firm, each day.


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What’s the Multiple?

By Terry Putney | January 2, 2018

Valuations in the sale of accounting firms have declined in the past few years as more and more Baby Boomer practitioners seek an external solution to their succession needs. The market is behaving in a standard way to supply and demand. In today’s market what is the right multiple if you are buying or selling…

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All About Fees

By Sarah Johnson Dobek | December 19, 2017

Clients expect their professionals to be able to discuss their fees but are usually just as scared to ask about them as you are to bring them up. As their accounting professional, it’s your duty to articulate your fees to your clients. Getting comfortable and confident about discussing fees increases the value and perception of…

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D-Level Clients

By Gary Adamson | December 5, 2017

Inside many firms, there is a sense of dread when certain client names are mentioned. Team members and even partners dread the time when they have to deal with certain clients. In the CPA profession, we call them D-level clients. Maybe some of the following descriptions might apply to those clients you dread: Fred, the…

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