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Member of the Month


Angie Grissom

The Rainmaker Companies

Angie serves as President of The Rainmaker Companies. She advanced from her previous position as Director of Consulting, which she held for over ten years. Her role in the firm involves high-level strategy, thought leadership, consulting, and program and curriculum development. She transforms the lives of clients through innovation, goal setting, coaching, training, and accountability development.


We’re pleased to share that two of our members, Sarah Dobek and Arianna Campbell made the 20 Under 40 Top Influencers list!  

Our Blog

Check Your Bedside Manner to Gain More Client Trust

By Angie Grissom | October 22, 2019

We have all been to a doctor who had an impeccable bedside manner and we tend to remember it for a while. Bedside manner is the way a doctor interacts and communicates with us, their patient, and it is most memorable when we have an ailment that is either extremely concerning, painful, embarrassing or all…

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3 Ideas to Amplify Your Business Development Efforts

By Sarah Johnson Dobek | October 22, 2019

Want know what it takes to grow your business? Here are 3 concepts for business development that are worth sharing. Ask the Right Questions One of the best sessions we attended at AAM 2018 was Focus Groups from Hinton Burdick’s Kacey Jones. We’ve been talking about it for years – your success in business development…

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6 Things Your Remote Accountant Policy Should Include (But Probably Doesn’t)

By Jeff Phillips | October 8, 2019

In a previous blog, we talked about some legal steps you need to take before bringing on your first remote hire. We outlined a few basic components you should include in your remote accountant policy, but we kept things pretty general. Hopefully by now you have a remote accountant policy firmly in place. But as the landscape…

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