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Roman Kepczyk


CITP and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is Director of Consulting for Xcentric, LLC and works exclusively with accounting firms to optimize their internal production workflows within their tax, audit, client services and administrative areas.


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D-Level Clients

By Gary Adamson | December 5, 2017

Inside many firms, there is a sense of dread when certain client names are mentioned. Team members and even partners dread the time when they have to deal with certain clients. In the CPA profession, we call them D-level clients. Maybe some of the following descriptions might apply to those clients you dread: Fred, the…

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Be the Firm You Want to Be.

By Carrie Steffen | November 21, 2017

Every organization is perfectly designed to produce the results it’s producing. If you want a different result – you must change something. The originator of this phrase is debatable. Its premise is not.   The business case for change is that firms that continue to do things as they always have always at some point…

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Unhappy employees are bad for your brand

By Bonnie Buol Ruszczyk | November 7, 2017

I read an article recently that I found profoundly disturbing. It seems that if you aren’t happy in your job, you are not alone. In fact, you are in the majority!   But why am I, a marketing specialist, talking about HR issues all of a sudden? It all boils down to taking care of…

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