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Member of the Month


Roman H. Kepczyk

Right Networks

Roman H. Kepczyk, CPA is Director of Firm Technology Strategy for Right Networks.  His primary focus is helping firms throughout North America effectively use information technology and accounting applications by optimizing their tax, audit and administrative production workflows.

He has spent the past twenty-one years consulting exclusively with CPA firms and prior to that, ten years with the CPA firm of Henry & Horne, (Arizona’s largest regional firm) where he was the partner in charge of the firm’s Management Advisory Services and PC Consulting practices.  Roman also served as the firm’s Administrative partner where he oversaw Internal Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources, and was responsible for the creation and implementation of the firm’s technology plan and budget.


We’re pleased to share that three of our member's companies: Boomer Consulting, Convergence Coaching, and Right Networks, made the list!

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