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Jeff Phillips


Jeff Phillips is the CEO of Accountingfly and the publisher of He has 19 years of experience in building and implementing recruitment strategies and has spent the last 6 years leading Accountingfly, a recruitment platform for employers of financial talent.


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Staying Positive

By Tamera Loerzel | June 5, 2018

At this time of the year, the various busy season deadlines, spring upon us, and new activities thrown into our schedule require increased time and effort, driving our stress level up. Here are six ideas to help maintain positivity – and even reduce the feeling of stress – that you can practice during these peak…

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How and Why You Should Prune Your Client Base Annually

By Jenni Thulin | May 22, 2018

Firing clients, also known as Client Pruning, is a natural process for CPA firms that want to grow. The future of the accounting industry is becoming highly specialized and segmented. Pruning your client base to reflect your firm’s strategic goals and vision is a process that creates amazing results when implemented annually. Learn why client…

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2018 CPAFMA Technology Survey Findings – Part 3

By Roman Kepczyk | May 8, 2018

CPA Tax and Audit Applications and Technology The CPA Firm Management Association recently conducted its second comprehensive technology survey tailored specifically to member firms with the goal of identifying the applications, products and processes utilized by peers.  Where possible, the survey attempted to identify which applications firms are moving to in the cloud compared to…

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