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Sarah Dobek

Inovautus Consulting

As the founder and leader of Inovautus Consulting, Sarah has lives her passion by developing strategies, programs and training designed to help accounting firms grow faster and in the right direction.


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5 Reasons to Leverage & Delegate Client Contact

By Dustin Hostetler | May 16, 2017

The word “succession” is used daily in our industry.  Whether discussing it strategically at an executive level and what it means for partners, reading it in an industry publication, or talking to rising leaders – the issues and conversations around succession are front and center in many firms.  And we need to have serious dialogue…

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Employee Engagement Matters

By Rita Keller | May 2, 2017

“Paychecks can’t buy passion.” – Brad Federman It is getting to be a rather tiring topic. To be successful, you must have employees who are engaged. You can Google the topic and find all kinds of advice. The fact is, there is an overwhelming number of people who are not engaged in their work. To…

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Anytime, Anywhere Work™ Survey Says Measure Differently to Flex Time

By Tamera Loerzel | April 18, 2017

In the recent IPA/ConvergenceCoaching Road to Retention survey, an astounding 60% of the over 723 young accounting professionals we surveyed said the element of work they least enjoy is the hours.  As firms continue to move towards a flexible work environment, one of the biggest challenges is around this “time” paradigm. For instance, while 97%…

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