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Member of the Month

Sandra Headshot 2018

Sandra Wiley

Boomer Consulting, Inc.

Sandra Wiley, President of Boomer Consulting, Inc., has been lauded for her industry expertise in human resources and training. She is often called the “go-to person” for solutions to the profession’s staffing crisis, citing her wise advice on hiring – and keeping – employees for the rest of their careers.



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3 Key Lean Improvements

By Arianna Campbell | October 9, 2018

As we head into another busy season, many firm leaders are finalizing an implementing the changes they have made since last year with an eye toward improving efficiency, capacity, consistency and ultimately, client value – essentially implementing Lean Six Sigma. If you’re already working in a Lean firm, then you’re currently working in a culture…

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The Search for Sustainable Employee Engagement

By Sandra Wiley | September 25, 2018

Firm leaders throughout the country are looking for ways to increase employee engagement and motivation. Often, they are frustrated when they hear reports that the only answer is increasing employee compensation. While compensation is undoubtedly important, I believe if we focus strictly on compensation we will miss some of the most important drivers of engagement…

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Keeping Your Team Members Engaged and Energized

By Angie Grissom | September 11, 2018

A survey conducted by the AICPA showed one of the biggest concerns firms are facing today is employee retention and engagement. This is no surprise and is endemic throughout the entire profession. In recent years, the rate at which team members are leaving their current employment or seeking further opportunities is accelerating. Many of the…

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