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Improving Your Bedside Manner

We have all been to a doctor that had an impeccable bedside manner and we tend to remember it for a while. Bedside manner is the way a doctor interacts and communicates with us, their patient, and it is most memorable when we have an ailment that is either extremely concerning, painful, embarrassing or all…

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Stop Selling and Start Helping

Synopsis: In today’s competitive environment, the author provides a useful strategy for meeting new prospects and keeping them interested. People are inundated by all kinds of sales offers and tend to close their ears before a pitch is even made. They don’t want to be sold, which causes distrust and implies a hidden agenda. This…

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Working smarter, tips to increasing your productivity

Being productive at work sounds simple. Do the best you can every day. Unfortunately, it is much more complicated due to the never ending demands that are placed upon us and by us. It is also extremely difficult because we get sidetracked by countless distractions while we are at work. From home responsibilities to virtual…

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