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What Will You Keep, Stop and Start In 2014?

My mom asks me every New Year’s what my New Year’s Resolutions are.  I typically have a hard time setting them – even the old standbys. As I contemplate resolutions for the coming year, I’m reminded about a question that my partner, Jack Lee, asked in one of his blog series on goal-setting: “My question…

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Can you say that again?

The number one characteristic missing in firm leadership is communication according to over 800 respondents in the CPA Consultants’ 2012 leadership survey. This is very consistent with the employee surveys we conduct and the feedback we hear from accounting professionals in firms across the country. Most of us think that to be better communicators, we…

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Leaders Manage Change

Instead of just letting change happen and take its course, which could cause undue stress and not achieve the results you’re committed to, leaders proactively manage change through understanding, communication and patience. Consider applying the following must-do’s to manage the change occurring in your organization: Remember that everyone embraces change differently.  Some of us are up for…

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