Employee Engagement

Flexibility- Not Just About Part Time Work Schedules

Flexibility??  …Been there done that?  Or that won’t work here…our customers and clients are too demanding?  Do these comments sound familiar?  Read on to learn how flexibility may not be what you think. Building flexibility into a work culture impacts so much more than your employee’s intention to stay and contribute their very best to the organization.  While…

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A conversation with Managing Partners

I recently facilitated a panel discussion with three managing partners. The topic of discussion was around developing future leaders. They also shared best practices around creating a culture focused on creating value for clients, and not just what we ordinarily think of as value. True value and deep relationships that come from a focus on…

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Seek A Higher Level Of Engaged Employee For Your CPA Firm

You have read a lot about it. I have written a lot about it. Hopefully, you are working on it. I am referring to developing and retaining engaged employees. Per the Gallup organization, there are three types of employees: ENGAGED employees work with passion and feel a profound connection to their company. They drive innovation and move the…

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