Happiness In CPA Firms

Thank you for your interest in What Drives Happiness at CPA Firms.

Happiness at work might seem a bit “touchy-feely” when applied to accounting firms. But a growing body of evidence supports the idea that happy workers are more engaged, more productive — and less likely to look elsewhere for work that’s more financially rewarding or helps them reach their full potential. The CPACA recently concluded a groundbreaking study of its members’ clients and prospects, asking more than 700 partners, staff and administrative professionals of accounting firms how they felt about their firm culture, key factors contributing to their happiness at work — and how their firm could improve.

What Drives Happiness at Work is a summary of the key findings from the survey we conducted in May 2014.  Measuring Happiness at Work: How Firms Win with A Happy Culture is an article that begins to address the implications of the key findings from the survey and what firms can do about it.

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