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Types of Flexible Work Arrangements

Once you’ve decided to offer flexible work options for your staff, what’s next? Flexible work arrangements are not a one-size-fits-all solution. In fact, there are nine types of flexible work arrangements. Flextime Flextime involves giving staff flexibility on the start and finish times of their working day, typically with a mandatory “core” time in the…

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Keeping Your Team Members Connected, Engaged and Energized

A recent survey conducted by the AICPA showed one of the biggest concerns accounting firms are facing today is employee retention and engagement. This is no surprise and is endemic throughout the entire profession.  As the economy takes a turn for the better, the rate at which team members are leaving their current employment or…

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Survey says… Using survey results to improve your business

Can you name the top two key factors to an accounting firm’s success? If you said Employee Satisfaction and Client Satisfaction, then you are exactly right. You have probably thought about it, some of you may have even tried to conduct a survey before, so why the hesitation and procrastination? The topic of surveying comes…

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