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Eight Reasons Firms Should Consider Moving to the Cloud

The 2018 CPA Firm Management Association ( IT Benchmark Survey found that more than half of responding member firms had moved the majority of their applications and IT Infrastructure to cloud/hosted application providers instead of building and maintaining networks themselves.  Read below why this trend is accelerating and why your firm should be considering the…

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Preparing Your Firm for an Upstream Merger or Sale

With all of the merger activity in the accounting profession today, there is a good chance your firm has been approached to consider an upstream merger or sale. Perhaps you are seeking that as a way to address strategic needs your firm has such as the pressure to provide succession for soon-to-retire partners. Keep in…

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Preparing Your Firm to Grow Through M & A

We find firms seeking to grow using mergers and acquisitions often start the process with too little advance preparation. This can lead to many false starts. In the worst case scenarios it can lead to: 1) failing to close a deal your firm would have benefitted from or 2) a failed merger. This blog summarizes…

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