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Yes, You Too Can Network Successfully

Some people love meeting new people, rushing gleefully to each networking event with bells on. For most of us, it can be a painful proposition. Here are some ways to make it more fun and productive at the same time. The point of networking, after all, is simply to meet more people and have them…

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Marketing is Not Just for Partners Anymore

Marketing in the accounting industry has an interesting, and fairly short, history. It is not unusual to find partners who still remember when it was against AICPA rules to advertise, market, directly solicit or even participate in competitive bidding. Virtually non-existent for most of the 20th century, accounting marketing has evolved at a rather slow…

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According to a recent article on Fast Company, 70% of today’s workforce is actively looking for another job or is open to hearing about a new job opportunity. Another study tells us that a recent college graduate will hold between 15 to 20 jobs in their career. That means they are going to change jobs every…

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