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D-Level Clients

Inside many firms, there is a sense of dread when certain client names are mentioned. Team members and even partners dread the time when they have to deal with certain clients. In the CPA profession, we call them D-level clients. Maybe some of the following descriptions might apply to those clients you dread: Fred, the…

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Doing the Right Work

We are seeing a transition right now. More and more firms are finally making the switch from the long-time, baby boomer managing partner to a younger, less experienced managing partner. It is a very difficult time for both of the people involved, and the firm, in general. The outgoing MP struggles with relevancy and a…

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Marketing is Not Just for Partners Anymore

Marketing in the accounting industry has an interesting, and fairly short, history. It is not unusual to find partners who still remember when it was against AICPA rules to advertise, market, directly solicit or even participate in competitive bidding. Virtually non-existent for most of the 20th century, accounting marketing has evolved at a rather slow…

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