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Buying Out Retiring Partners

Surveys tell us a huge percent of accounting firms are facing the prospects of partners retiring in the near future. In most cases, this is going to lead to the need for the firm to buy the equity of the retiring partner, usually in the form of paying out capital and retirement or deferred compensation…

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What’s the Why?

As firms wrestle with Baby Boomer succession, the differences in attitudes, thinking and motivators between current and future leaders can sometimes be great. More often than not those differences or gaps are major contributors to the absence of future leaders who are on deck and ready to step into the shoes of the retiring partners.…

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Be the Firm You Want to Be

Every organization is perfectly designed to produce the results it’s producing. If you want a different result – you must change something. The originator of this phrase is debatable. Its premise is not. The business case for change is that firms that continue to do things as they have always done at some point will…

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