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7 Tips for Developing a Personal Strategic Plan

Life is like a book. The phases you go through are the chapters that define who you become. Developing the chapters of your life can be a rewarding and exciting activity if you develop a plan and follow the process. Much like the strategic plan that you develop for your firm, a personal strategic plan…

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A Winning Culture is an Intentional Culture

“People will typically be more enthusiastic where they feel a sense of belonging and see themselves as part of a community than they will in a workplace in which each person is left to his own devices” ― Alfie Kohn, Author Your firm’s culture is the essence of its being and the way it feels to work…

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Be the Firm You Want to Be

Every organization is perfectly designed to produce the results it’s producing. If you want a different result – you must change something. The originator of this phrase is debatable. Its premise is not. The business case for change is that firms that continue to do things as they have always done at some point will…

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