Sandra Wiley

Sandra Wiley, President of Boomer Consulting, Inc., has been lauded for her industry expertise in human resources and training. She is often called the “go-to person” for solutions to the profession’s staffing crisis, citing her wise advice on hiring – and keeping – employees for the rest of their careers.

Sandra developed the P3 Leadership Academy and hosts regional training sessions throughout the country. She is also a founding member of The CPA Consultant’s Alliance and a certified KolbeTM trainer, advising firms on building balanced teams, managing employee conflict and hiring staff.

Sandra’s role at Boomer Consulting, Inc. includes serving as co-director of the P3 Leadership Academy as well as the Boomer Managing Partner CircleTM, the Boomer HR Circle and the Boomer Nextgen Leader Circle. Her years of experience and influence as a management and strategic planning consultant make her a sought-after resource among the best and brightest firms in the country.

Sandra is regularly invited to speak at national conferences where she empowers audiences with new ideas and a sense of humor. She is a popular author, bringing penetrating conversations to many online and print publications including Accounting Today, Accounting Web, ADP Thrive, the Journal of Accountancy’s Career Insider, and Intuit’s Firm of the Future.

In 2013, Sandra penned The Journey Ahead: A New Roadmap to Collaboration in Your Firm (available on Amazon). In 2015, in partnership with the AICPA, Sandra wrote The Engaged Employee: 10 Initiatives for Successful Firms (available in the AICPA Store). She is also the author of an award-winning marketing plan, Rebuilding the Community Bank, published by the Bank Marketing Association.

Prior to joining Boomer, Sandra worked for over 16 years in the financial services industry in the areas of human resources, marketing/sales, training and business development. She has developed numerous one-day seminars in human resource and marketing and served as an officer of the American Institute of Banking.

Sandra’s work in the accounting profession hasn’t gone unnoticed, and she has received a variety of awards and honors. Those include 2009-2016 Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting, 2012-2014 CPA Practice Advisor Top 25 Thought Leader, 2012-2016 CPA Practice Advisor Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Accounting and 2012 Leading Edge Alliance on the Edge Innovation Award.

Sandra is a naturally gifted public speaker who is noted for the energy and excitement she brings to an audience. At the same time, she adds a personal touch that leaves individuals in the crowd with a sense that she is your friend. This ability to build relationships and project warmth makes Sandra especially effective at building great teams. She is a team player in her own right, offering her multi-tasking skills and a realistic viewpoint that can keep an agenda on track and people focused on the tasks at hand.

Sandra is a graduate of Friends University in Wichita, KS, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management. She also graduated with honors from the University of Colorado School of Bank Marketing. She and her husband, Doug, make their home in Manhattan, Kansas (aka “the Little Apple”). They have three children: Charlie, Deanna and Sarah.