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Member of the Month

Arianna Campbell

Boomer Consulting, Inc.

As a consultant for Boomer Consulting, Inc., Arianna Campbell helps accounting firms challenge the status quo by leading process improvement initiatives that result in increased profitability and client satisfaction. She also facilitates the development and cultivation of future firm leaders in The P3 Leadership Academy™ Academy. Internally, she blends concepts from Lean Six Sigma and leadership development to drive innovation and continuous improvement within the company. Arianna also enjoys the opportunity to share knowledge through regular contributions to the Boomer Bulletin and other industry wide publications, as well as public speaking at industry conferences.


Attract High-Profit Clients with Matt Solomon
Accountants are working harder than they need to for clients who don’t value and appreciate them like they should. To overcome this, we have to step into the role of the valued business advisor and in this podcast, we’ll discuss the exact 4 step process the most profitable firms are using to attract $3,000 to $15,000/month ultra-high profit clients.

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Three Opportunity Areas for Continued Firm Success with Arianna Campbell
Technology, Process, People. Your three opportunities for continued success not only during these challenging times, but everyday!
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Our Blog

Coaching cultures are inclusive cultures

By Sarah Elliott | April 21, 2021

We’re excited to hear a lot of talk about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in accounting firms around the world! Yet, the resounding theme we hear is, “This is hard!” Why does DEI feel so hard for accountants? Fostering an inclusive culture can be especially challenging at accounting firms because we usually want to solve the problem…

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Presentations Can Cement Your Leadership Position

By Bonnie Buol Ruszczyk | April 7, 2021

When was the last time you spoke in front of an audience? If the answer is “never” or “a long time ago” you may want to focus on finding an opportunity to present to an audience, either in person, through a live webinar or another online option. Many people ignore these valuable chances to address…

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Pull Your Projects out of the Black Hole

By Renee Moelders | January 26, 2021

“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over…” ~ Steve Maraboli Do you ever feel like your projects have fallen into a black hole? You might be delegating them to a particular person, or putting a return “in the drawer”, or empowering a team…

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