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Jeff Phillips


Jeff Phillips is the CEO of Accountingfly and the publisher of He has 19 years of experience in building and implementing recruitment strategies and has spent the last 6 years leading Accountingfly, a recruitment platform for employers of financial talent.


The CPA Consultants’ Alliance (CPACA) recently released their Big Ideas! podcast series with 16 episodes that explore key issues facing the public accounting profession, including managing change, leadership, remote staffing, technology, advisory, growth, and succession.

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Leading in challenging times

By Sarah Elliott | September 9, 2020

Most of us are facing unprecedented challenges these days.  We’re working remotely, homeschooling our children, keeping up with recent legislation, supporting our clients…all while navigating fear during these uncertain times. The combination of all these things may be enough to paralyze you. We understand. Sometimes, we feel stuck, too. It’s part of being human. We also…

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8 Coping Strategies Getting Me Through This Pandemic

By Jennifer Lee Wilson | August 26, 2020

How are you? I mean, really. How are you doing over there? None of us could have anticipated this pandemic and the abrupt transformation of our lives as a result. And none of us would have pictured it continuing for all of 2020, but that’s exactly what it’s doing. Perhaps most disconcerting is that none…

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How to Work Securely at Home During the COVID-19 Crisis

By Roman Kepczyk | August 12, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic required accounting firms to go 100% remote virtually overnight.   While a good number of firms were either already in the cloud had implemented cloud-enabled applications, or had a structure to support remote workers, there were many personnel that had never actually worked remotely and were simply not prepared to do so.  In…

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