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Member of the Month

Sarah Elliott


Sarah believes the future of the accounting profession depends on our capacity to love. Through one-to-one coaching, group learning and innovation labs, she helps CPAs access the possibility dimension: the place where fear is no longer the enemy.

Prior to founding Intend2Lead, Sarah consistently balanced client service, firm management and industry leadership throughout her career as a practicing CPA. She spent ten years at PwC, where she performed a two-year rotation in their National Office.


Lead Generation in a Virtual World with Sarah Dobek
Many firms know that digital and virtual can be important for their growth, but they aren’t always sure how to make a shift to have it play a bigger role in their growth.

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KPIs for the Firm of the Future with Renee Moelders
We know that key performance indicators (KPIs) drive performance and ensure clear expectations, but changes in the profession like the move to consulting and advisory, or the rise of remote work, require firms to re-examine their chosen metrics. Join us as ConvergenceCoaching’s Renee Moelders shares five recommendations for adjusting your KPIs to build the firm of the future.
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Our Blog

Accounting Firm Revenue Growth Stuck? Check Your Marketing, Business Development Alignment

By Sarah Johnson Dobek | May 19, 2021

Marketing and business development. When these two functions work in tandem, accounting firm growth can soar; however, too often, misaligned – or unclear – goals and expectations lead these two revenue generators to work independently and become counterproductive. Many professionals get tripped up trying to do both at the same time, so understanding the goal…

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Creating a Learning Culture

By Jennifer Lee Wilson | May 5, 2021

We’re in the knowledge business, and those firms that do the best job of imparting knowledge, developing skills, and building future capacity have the best prospects for long-term success and competitive advantage. In this blog, we’ll explore ideas to help you enhance your firm’s learning culture and make a commitment to life-long learning.  What is…

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Coaching cultures are inclusive cultures

By Sarah Elliott | April 21, 2021

We’re excited to hear a lot of talk about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in accounting firms around the world! Yet, the resounding theme we hear is, “This is hard!” Why does DEI feel so hard for accountants? Fostering an inclusive culture can be especially challenging at accounting firms because we usually want to solve the problem…

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