The Best Time Ever to Find a Remote Tax Job?

It sure looks that way. Accountingfly has specialized in filling remote tax jobs for a decade and we’ve never seen a more candidate-friendly market for tax professionals. So this might be the best opportunity that you’ll ever have to find the right fit and achieve your career goals.

More Remote Tax Jobs = More Opportunity

According to Beth Dierker, Accountingfly’s Director of Fulfillment, “We’re seeing more firms looking to hire remote tax professionals this year than ever before, giving applicants a wide range of choices and options. As a result, applicants have more choices than ever before.”   

In other words, if you’ve got solid tax experience and recent experience in public accounting, you’re a seller in a seller’s market.

How Can Tax Professionals Capitalize

More Money

In our experience, tax professionals typically realize salary increases of 5-15% when switching jobs, with some earning as much as 35% more in a new position.  

Find Better Work/Life Balance

We’re seeing more firms and candidates negotiate work-life balance arrangements that actually work for candidates.  

Beth’s take: “This is a great time to find another firm with gentler busy season hours. Firms are more in tune with what candidates want, and we’ve seen our firm clients pay much more attention to being staffed properly and creating work/life balance, especially during the busy season. There’s active work being done to make sure that their employees are happy and not overwhelmed with too many hours and too much work.”

Find a Better Fit 

Want to move to a larger firm? Or a smaller one? Change your focus or develop additional skills?  

Beth again: “If somebody’s looking to advance their career with a bigger firm (or downsize to a smaller firm), it’s a good time to make that change. Firms are more willing than ever to consider candidates looking for a different culture/scope.”

Additional Growth Opportunities

There’s also an opportunity to diversify your skills and get more experience in different areas with a remote tax job.  

Per Beth, “Firms are also more willing to support candidates interested in broadening their skill set and are often willing to help candidates explore other areas beyond their area of expertise.”

Work From Home 

Ever thought about earning a California or New York salary while living in a lower cost-of-living area? Or living in LA or NYC but not having to deal with the commute?

If so, now is the time. Covid + technology (hello Zoom) + more firms are looking to hire = more fully remote opportunities than ever.

“If you have experience working in public accounting, decent technical skills, and like working independently, then you can find a remote tax position in today’s market.”

Bottom Line

Think about what’s important to you–is it work/life balance, career advancement, or changing your career path? Making more money and going remote? Then, figure out what you want and talk to an Accountingfly Recruiter about your career wish list and what remote jobs you should apply to –  go for it!


About the Author:

Jeff Phillips is the CEO of Accountingfly and the publisher of He has 19 years of experience in building and implementing recruitment strategies and has spent the last 6 years leading Accountingfly, a recruitment platform for employers of financial talent. Prior to starting Accountingfly, Jeff was with where he helped craft recruitment strategy for clients such as H&R Block, Shell, Dell, Walmart, AT&T and Verizon. As publisher of the popular website Going Concern, Jeff’s team has built (and learns from) the largest audience of Millennial CPAs of any publication or website. He was named among the Top 100 Most Influential People by Accounting Today for 3 consecutive years.

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