What Makes a Leader Inclusive?

Sarah Elliott

At Intend2Lead, we believe that amazing things are possible when we uncover and leverage the unique gifts, talents and skills of each individual. This is not just an aspirational idea. It’s a business imperative. Demographics in the workplace are shifting dramatically. The workforce now includes five different generations (i.e., traditionalists, baby boomers, Generation X, Generation Y/millennials, and…

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Tax Season Debrief Considerations

Roman Kepczyk

One of the most effective ways to improve your firm’s tax processes and production is with the post-busy season debrief process. Whether done formally with a meeting or informally in combination with a survey, we suggest it be scheduled as close as possible after the tax deadline while the experience is still fresh in your…

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Creating a Learning Culture

We’re in the knowledge business, and those firms that do the best job of imparting knowledge, developing skills, and building future capacity have the best prospects for long-term success and competitive advantage. In this blog, we’ll explore ideas to help you enhance your firm’s learning culture and make a commitment to life-long learning.  What is…

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Debrief Tax Season with these Five Questions

The Dust has Settled.  April 15th is over a month behind you.  Your people have probably had a chance to take at least a short breather before getting back into the swing of things. While this past busy season is still fresh in everyone’s mind, now is a great time to debrief and figure out…

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