A Recipe for Success

Would you like to know the recipe for professional success?  Take 12 amazing professionals, put them together with a common mission to explore leadership issues, then develop and share those solutions within their respective communities and what do you get? The CPA Consultants’ Alliance!

As I put fingers to keyboard to write this flagship blog for our group, I am filled with a sense of pride.  I have always believed in collaboration – mostly because I discovered years ago that I am only as good as the people I surround myself with.  In the CPACA I find myself surrounded by amazing people who have individual skillsets – that when blended together – become simply amazing.  Consider the following individuals and their respective talents:

  • Mary Bennett, ML Bennett Consulting – Organizational Development
  • Lisa Benson, The Advisory Board – Leadership Conference Planning
  • Angie Grissom, The Rainmaker Companies – Training, Consulting and Alliance Solutions
  • Dustin Hostetler, Flowtivity – Systems, Structure and Process Development
  • Sarah Johnson, Innovates Consulting, LLC – Marketing, Growth and Digital Media
  • Rita Keller, Keller Advisors, LLC – Coaching, Facilitation, Speaking and Survey Development
  • Tamera Loerzel, Convergence Coaching LLC – Leadership and Marketing Coaching, Consulting and Training
  • Terry Putney, Transition Advisors, LLC – Succession, Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Carrie Steffen, The Whetstone Group – Develop Sustainable Profitable Growth
  • Geni Whitehouse, Even a Nerd Can Be Heard – Translates Financial and Technical Content
  • Jennifer Wilson, Convergence Coaching LLC – Leadership and Marketing Coaching, Consulting and Training
  • Sandra Wiley –  Boomer Consulting, Inc.- Leadership, Client and Talent Development, Technology

About the Author:

Sandra Wiley is the COO and Shareholder at Boomer Consulting, Inc.  She is ranked by Accounting Today as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Accounting as a result of her prominent role as an industry expert on HR and training as well as influence as a management and planning consultant. She is also a founding member of The CPA Consultant’s Alliance. Sandra has a passion for teaching the next generation leader and has developed the P3 Leadership Academy to elevate the top talent in firms throughout the country.  She also assists in building balanced teams, managing employee conflict and hiring staff.  She can be reached at sandra.wiley@boomer.com.


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